At the 10th to 12th of July, dance camp “Open Up 2016” took place. This camp gave the young an opportunity to discover and become aware of their potential. To evaluate their strength and opportunities and to set new goals for the next year. The goal of the camp was not only to train the young physically, to give them different dance techniques, but to help them to find their personality, to encourage them, and to develop team work as well.

In the camp, there were 12 different teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Norway. The young had the opportunity to have wide experience in dancing, stamina, physical development, and team work. In addition to intense practice 3 times a day, there were different activities, water battle, plastic sliding, bubble battle, sumo, team work, movie night, bonfire night, sauna, etc.

10 different choreographies – inspiration and life stories:

Uldis Zvirgzdiņš – head of the dance studio “Dance Beat”, dancer, and an outstanding choreographer. Always able to surprise with something new. The dancers participate in Uldis’ classes for years already, and with each camp, class and master class, Uldis is able to create something new.

Marija Laubukten  – Hip hop un house dance teacher with 15 years of dance experience from Norway. For many years, she has been the leader of a concert dancers’ training and concert tours through Europe, Scandinavia and USA. Is able to inspire and give value to dance. Her dance steps reflect fulfilment of soul and spirit. A personality full of inspiration.

Dace Zvirgzdiņa – Doesn’t let anybody cold, affects with her personality and dance fervour. Is able to skilfully explain and teach given combinations, so that all get carried away in dance. Got the highest evaluation as a teacher.

Kaspars Meilands – Hip hop, contemporary dance choreography. A skilled dancer with a distinctive style. Can affect youth with his personality. Choreography with emotions and sensations. 

Oskars Kalve – Officer of Latvian army. Introduced the dancers to the life of the Latvian army in Iraq. With his assistance, the young went through the tests for the applicants of Latvian army to test their strength.

Pavel Sak – Hip hop, house dance. Teacher from the dance studio “Dance of street”. Pavel, technically and precisely, let the young return to the basics of hip hop, adding variation and increasing complexity. In the part of house dance, challenged the dancers, and they participated with devotion.

Jane Karol – Contemporary dance, hip hop, freestyle. Jane inspires, lets relax and forget themselves. Made them dance to their limits, so that the young can achieve even more. Great inspiration and a rich personality.

Kārlis Božs – Contemporary dance. Teacher of the dance studio “Dzirnas”. Introduced the dancers to the floor dance technique, let them work in pairs. Kārlis let the dancers feel themselves in very different rhythms than the ones learned in the four previous days.  

Artūrs Devels – Contemporary dance choreography. Flexibility and interesting choreography. Motivated the young to work.

Max Stroff – Popping, Hip hop. Teacher of the dance studio “SKILLZ” from Lithuania. A dancer of a high level. Very skilled teacher, rich personality with the capability to transmit his skills. His own style and image, doesn’t have to prove himself, good skills of talking about himself. 

In the big camp “OPEN UP 2016”, there were 70 participants all in all, young people of 13 to 35 years of age. We got convinced, that neither age, nor dance development, nor agility could separate the dancers. Such was the unity, friendship and mutual love, that reigned all 5 of these days. The feeling was like in a big family, where each participant is like a family member, of whom to take care and whom to help to move forward. Not to tell much about how it was, the young people themselves share their emotions and experience in social networks. Genuine emotions and experience can be felt in each expression:

Agnija Āboltiņa.

img4Friends, do you know, what is real happiness? To be in the right place at the right time and with the right people, the right team. During these 7 days, I have experienced so much happiness and joy. Positive emotions were really intense. Teachers, whose words resonated so much, that I still hear their words in my head. Team work, practice and competitions, that made us sweat and rave as never before. To try something new and not to be afraid of new hurdles and challenges. Night chat at the bonfire and songs, that made us all even closer, that opened our hearts and put something special in each of them. I gained all this @dancebeatlv dance camp, where I was a teacher for the little ones and a participant as well. Thanks to the whole team, that made all this possible, and thanks to all, who were there. It was super. Loved ones, love yourself, so that others can love you. If there is this little seed put into you, that encourages you to continue, hold on to it, nurse it and DON’T GIVE UP! Be yourself, and you will succeed . Thank you!!!

Alise Skotjuka.

img3This was the best summer experience. I suggest for everybody to savour these excellent moments together with the sweet and cool young people and teachers. A time full of emotions, tasty food and
full-time practice. In the picture, we are simply enjoying the emotions of water battle. See you next year.

Līga Lūse

img2Thanks to the camp organizers and coaches – for your advice, attitude and personality charm! You are unsurpassable! What you gave us, was crushing and will serve me well not only in dancing, but in playing drums un generally in life as well. #‎OpenUp2016 is, what I was seeking, found and am considering a turning point in my life. Thanks for the sauna tonight and for the songs at the bonfire! Friends, join us next year!

Evelīna Valaine


Five wonderful days. Practice, water battle, night at the bonfire, sauna – everything, that is needed to leave recharged. I’m amazed, how it was able to plan the time and activities in a way, that it was never boring, but it wasn’t too much either. It was very cool last year, but this year, it was much cooler, that’s why I know already, that I will be there next year as well. Actually, it’s impossible to tell the sensations, you have to experience them yourself. #‎Openup2016

Niks Laufmanis

img1To put it short. Sweat, effort, rain, heat, water, music. Emotions for all 100. In my pocket, loads of memories from the practice, conversations un simply form the time spent. Blessed. #openup2016

We have savoured the 5 days of this camp and are starting with the planning of the next year’s camp OpenUp2017, that will take place on the 10th to 15th of July with more opportunities, teachers and leisure.

Big thanks to our supporters – foundation “Latvia Charity Bank”, “Pure Chololate”, “Ozoliņa konditoreja”, “Puratos”, meat processing company “Nākotne”, “Firma L4”, “Maxima”, “Venden”, “Detars”, “Intrac Latvia”, and “Flora maiznīca”.

See you next year in the camp OPEN UP 2017.

Dance Beat