On the April 9th at the Dance Beat studio we had Dylan Mayoral’s led workshop. He is a dancer, choreograph, acrobat. Participated at “Britain’s got Talent” 2014 and 2015 and took a part at Boyband’s dance group. Dylan has participated in many international competitions and led workshops at many dance camps as International Impact Winter Dance Camp, Urban dance camp, Evolvement Dance Camp etc.

At the age of 7 Dylan was introduced with acrobatics and theater what helped him to be an artist as he is right now and take a part as an actor, acrobat, singer and dancer in shows as “Fashion shows”, “West End Shows”, “TV Adverts”.

In 2015 Dylan finished “The BRIT School Of Performing Arts” where he studied ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, step dance etc. Right now he is one of the most known dancers who’s practising many dance styles at the same time keeping his own style and choreography. Dylan is leading many workshops all around the world as in Austria, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, England and many other. 

On Saturday at the Dance Beat studio we had 3 workshops, each 1.5h. We had 60 dancers coming from all around Latvia as well as from Lithuania and Estonia. Everyone was enthusiastic about the self development and enjoyed the time at the dance studio.

We want to say thank you to Kaspars Meilands for all his effort. It was such a joy to meet so many amazing dancers at one place and we would like to believe that Latvian dancers are going to be even more joined together and friendlier.