Health gymnastics is a lesson conducted in a fitness gym where generally developing and special, dynamic and static exercises are applied with the help of various equipment (therapy balls, sticks, dumbbells, rubber bands), thus strengthening main muscle groups, stabilizing joints, reducing muscular imbalance, relieving back and joint pain.

The aim of health gymnastics is the development of proper physical health. During the lessons, formation of symmetric posture is promoted; development of plasticity, agility and coordination is facilitated.

Health gymnastics amazingly improves functionality of blood flow, respiratory and digestive system stimulates central nervous system. It is both safe and efficient for preventing health problems, and improves overall physical condition of the body which is needed not only for sports, but for everyday life as well. Exercises prevent spinal health problems for maintaining rigid spine ligaments and agile back.

During health gymnastics back exercise are oriented towards the proper use of specific muscles and ligaments for therapeutic purposes.

Health gymnastics lessons are designed for those with sedentary jobs, people with sedentary lifestyle, for preventing spinal diseases, as well as for people with existing spinal diseases. Through using correcting exercises it is possible to decrease or prevent various body deformations, for example, improper posture.

Health gymnastics forms a beautiful, proportional body and delays ageing, thus prolonging life expectancy.