In popping one uses the flexibility and looseness of muscles. Popping is not as quick (swift), but it makes the dancers be more like robots instead of people, thus leaving quite an impression on the audience.

Pop – rapid reduction and “paralytic” muscles – is often misinterpreted as upper break because of the fact that many of the main movements are taken over from popping breakdance. It is rather difficult to learn this style, but it brings indescribable pleasure. The main movements of the dance combine unusual turns, popping of various parts of the body, as well as isolation of body parts. Popping is a technique that differs with its characteristic pops, which are realised with quick muscle contractions, followed by the loosening of separate muscles. Pops can be performed with different parts of the body – arms, feet, and even one’s neck. Popping is usually performed to funk music with a steady 4/4 rhythm, although it is being performed to other genres of music more and more often.