Waving is an illusory style of dance that consists of a series of movements, creating the impression that there are waves flowing through the body of the dancer. It is believed that waving has originated from popping and funk dance, and it is often performed together with popping and other related styles.

The style is based on the even bending of one’s body parts, thus creating an unusual illusion of waves. The main movement is “making waves” with one’s arms. In order to learn how to carry out these movements properly, a lot of patience and persistence is required. Once the dancer learns how to successfully make a “wave” with his or her arms and understands the fundamentals of the style, he or she will be able to carry out moves with other parts of the body, as well as perform other elements of the respective dance.

There are seven- and eleven-point waves. The succession of the eleven-point wave performance is as follows: finger joints – wrist – elbow – shoulder – chest – shoulder – elbow – wrist – finger joints. The seven-point wave starts from the wrist. This move makes it seem that there are waves flowing up and down the dancer’s body. It includes the relaxation of muscles according to the trajectory of the wave, as well as the bending of one’s knees and ankles.