Pieteikties nodarbībam

Pieteikties nodarbībām

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OPEN UP 2024


Elina Lebedeva
Teaches Hip hop and RnB lessons. Energetic and goal-oriented, associated with dancing since childhood. Does sports and has trained in rowing. Acquired profession bachelor’s degree in "Health Education …
Dace Zvirgzdina
Associated with dances for 13 years. Teaching Hip Hop, RnB and dances of other styles since 2003 to children, teenagers and youngsters. Studied in Norwegian dance school "Jesus Revolution" and has travelled …
Amanda Krista Rasa
Teaches Hip hop and RnB lessons. Loves dancing and gladly spends time dancing in the dance studio. Associated with dancing since early childhood. Participated in various projects and shows both as a dancer …
Uldis Zvirgzdins
Associated with sports and dance since childhood. Practicing hockey since the age of 3. Turned to soccer during teen years, which is played even now. Started to create choreography of different dance …