Rhythm and Blues music, also known as R&B, entails such genres as Jump Blues, Club Blues, Black Rock and Roll, Soul, Motown, Funk, Disco and Rap.

Impulse usually comes from the central section of one’s abdomen. It is created by straining abdomen muscles while the remaining muscles are relaxed. Head, shoulders and hands are prone marking the beginning of a flexible dance. Mainly forward flowing movements are performed by gently lowering oneself on or both feet. Repertory includes quite a decent set of movements; however everything else comes from the dancer’s imagination and sense of music. Dancers of „Dirty southern” styles demonstrate this style through hip and shoulder movements, thus emphasizing the rhythm of the music. R’n’B is still mainly dominated by many of the main elements, such as acrobatics and floorwork, and they can be applied skilfully in accentuating music emphases.