Hip-hop dances include such dance styles as breaking, popping, locking and elements of freestyle. Different movements – jumps, breaks and spinning are combined making this dance style informal and explosive.

Hip-hop dancing is an ideal way of manifesting creativity. It is characterized by personal expressions of the dancer, and the dance comes from the soul. The dance manifests itself through body movements matching to the tact and rhythm of hip-hop music.

Hip-hop dancing differs from other dance styles with it often being freestyle (improvisation) and the fact that hip-hop dancers often get involved in battles – formal or informal freestyle dance competitions. Informal freestyle battles usually take place in the form of a round-shaped dance area forming naturally as soon as the dancing commences. The following three elements – freestyle, battle and circle – are the main elements of hip-hop dancing. This style is unique because it lets the dance move freely supplementing them with his/her personality.